Culinary Experiences
Culinary Away Day Experience

The mixing of spices and ingredients to create gastronomic magic is one that we find appeals most to HR, Sales, Marketing, Operations and Management teams when it comes to mindful activities that promote cooperation, creativity, diversity and inclusion, team and individual appreciation for Workplace Wellbeing.

Whether it’s a half or full day’s Culinary Experiential Mindful themed corporate retreat for a kitchen garden walk, cookery school or fine dining in the fabulous Cookery School at the Grand, York, or Hazlewood Castle close to Leeds, be sure that team building with Employer and Employee wellbeing as the focal point has never been more fun or more effective.

Exploratory Experience

Exploratory Away Day Experience

Growth is on the other side of discovery. Business Owners / Entrepreneurs and Business Executives, Operations, Medical, Manufacturing, Engineering, Real Estate and Hospitality teams tend to find this experience most appealing.  


A walk through gardens or woodlands, a historic stately home or a ride on a boat in stunningly historical places like Allerton Castle, Castle Howard, and Hazlewood Castle drastically reduces stress and anxiety, induces awe, increases awareness, bolsters determination and fortitude  focuses their missions, improves happiness, boosts creativity and productivity.

People participating in  sound therapy

Sensory Experiential Away Days

To stop is to feel. To feel is to know. To know is to be rejuvenated. 

This package is especially popular with Customer care, Medical / Care, Educational and Finance teams. It physically and psychologically releases negative stress while promoting relaxation and alertness.

Included in these are spa treats, exclusive happy hour outings, dance classes, Reflexology treatments, aromatherapy, mixology & osteopathy. 

Speaking Experience

Speaking Experience

Passionate, Inspiring, Authentic, Relatable, Vibrant, Thought Provoking, Energetic and Engaging are some of the words used to describe Valentina Hynes.

Her specialty topics are Wellbeing, Mental Health, Happiness.

Valentina leaves her audience Stronger, Vibrant, Happier and empowered.

She’s brought her energy to organisations like Natwest, Mobil, Actis, John Lewis Partnerships, Emerald Global to mention a few.

When Valentina speaks, it isn’t just speaking, she creates an authentic, immersive wellbeing experience for her clients.

Virtual Experience. An image of a virtual open away day experience by SVH Inc.

Virtual Experiences

‘One of the best experiences I have ever attended. It didn’t even feel virtual. So much palpable passion and energy. A fantastic learning experience too’

This is how our virtual experiences have been described by an attendee.

From wellness bags, music, to games, workshops and keynotes . . . we give you a fully immersive, holistic wellbeing focused learning experience that leaves your team Strong, Vibrant, Happy and Incorporated.