About Us

 Picture a garden, a meal or a cocktail. Each individual ingredient make it and a lack of proper understanding and application of the ingredients could lead to a disaster or a weak effect. 

From race to sexuality, to gender identity, to disability, to economic, social and education status, we all are made from different cloth and our diversity is what makes us not only unique, but beautiful and strong. 

If diversity is engrained into the very fabric of us, why then should happiness and wellbeing not be approached holistically?

We use the power of connections to create fun, learning and rejuvenating experiences covering a variety of themes on mental health and wellbeing.

Our experiences are both virtual and onsite.

Our objectives are to:

  • Boost understanding and appreciation of diversity and inclusion

  • Foster more inclusive cultures at work and in the community

  • Equip line managers to support their wellbeing and that of their direct reports 

  • Provide holistic wellbeing learning events

  • Boost creative thinking and problem solving for improved wellbeing and resilience

  • Oppose stigma, discrimination and poor wellbeing. 


As a social enterprise, our profits are reinvested into providing free away day experiences and mental health workshops for individuals and 3rd sector teams who need them the most. We also donate funds to other 3rd sector organisations in need of support.

Get To Know Us

Valentina Hynes
Chief Executive Officer

My name is Valentina Hynes.

I come from a background of events (Corporate Social Responsibility, Experiential Marketing, Hospitality, Team Building and Charity) which earned me an Associate Fellowship in 2014 with the Royal Commonwealth Society, London and an award in Corporate Social Responsibility from the Lagos State Government of Nigeria.


I am a specialist in holistic Wellbeing & Happiness at Work, and also a Mental Health First Aid Instructor. I have been described as a captivating storyteller, who explores culture, behaviour and everyday occurrences to foster immersive learning. 

I am a Connector who “connects the dots” among people with different backgrounds and strengths by recognising and pointing out patterns that help people work more collaboratively. I have an intuitive ability to sense how people with different strengths and weaknesses can come together and establish a common ground, with a focus on building strong, vibrant, happy and incorporated teams and communities.

Stephen Hynes
Director of Operations

My name is Stephen Hynes.

I come from a background of real estate, spanning 30 years and which has taken me around the world, working as an expatriate, leading and delivering major projects.

My vast experiences as an employee, a manager and a director gives me unique insights into the often overlooked stressors of a high paced work life especially in the real estate industry.

Having experienced the nearly fatal ill effects of high stress and anxiety in the workplace with no work life balance, I am wholly committed to helping organisations ensure happiness and engagement at work, reducing the ill and costly effects of a highly stressed work environment.

I am an Identifier, who's super power is to find the pieces, while Valentina puts them together, as a connector. 

Together, we deliver Strong Vibrant Happy and Inclusive teams effecting a wellbeing infused culture at work and in the communities. 

Jo Thackwray Branded headshot.png
Lara Oyedele Branded headshot.png

My name is Jo Thackwray.

I come from a coaching, consultancy and charity background. I am a trustee for YMCA, Ripon, an Ambassador for Investors in Community and a Wellbeing radio presenter for Yohwah radio.

Some of my specialties include creating Positivity Pauses and Vision Boards as a springboard to self-development, greater self awareness and improved mental health.


I have been described as a gardener for the mind, helping people weed the mental clutter in their minds so they can bring forth the best versions of themselves with a focus on building strong, vibrant, happy and incorporated teams and communities.

My name is Lara Oyedele.

I come from a social housing background.

I am an experienced Board member, Trustee and senior executive with a 25 year career in the UK. Some of my roles include: Vice President, Chartered Institute of Housing, Chair, Hope Housing, to mention but a few. 


I am passionate about helping ​people find and build confidence to not only dream big, but reach for them. I do this through education and exposure. 

I am especially committed to improving diversity on boards, with a focus on building strong, vibrant, happy and inclusive teams and communities.

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