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Our Funded

Have a look at our current projects and please apply if you fit any of the funding criteria, or pass it on to someone who does. 

The Other Side of Service

We are providing Mental Health First Aid Champion training to service providers like hairdressers, barbers, beauticians, bartenders, waiters and massage therapists. 

Recipients have to be UK based, priority given to those from Yorkshire and Humber areas.

This project is funded by The National Lottery.

Time commitment - 1 Day only. 9:30 am - 6:00pm

Location - Virtual

However special arrangements can be made for group bookings, spreading the training over 3 days - 3 hours for 3 days

To celebrate the end of the project, participants would be invited to an in-person Away Day Experience at a location in Yorkshire.

Apply for a funded spot here - APPLY

Please note, T&Cs apply.


Wellbeing Conversation Workshops

We are delivering wellbeing conversation cafes for staff in schools, hospitals, care homes and GP Surgeries in Harrogate and surrounding areas. These events are not courses, training programs or counselling sessions. They are events aimed at boosting wellbeing, team bonding through conversations.


The  conversations are prompted by our Explore cards. We would gift the organisation or team a deck of cards to help them facilitate more conversations after the workshop.

Length of time: 1.5 - 2 hours

This project is funded by the Co-op Local Community Fund.

Apply for a wellbeing conversation workshop in  your school, hospital, GP Surgery or Care Home  -  APPLY

Please note your school, GP Surgery, or Care Home has to be in Harrogate or its environs. 

Free Conversation Workshops

Social Inclusion Workshops For Support Workers

We are delivering Social Inclusion Workshops in Harrogate for Support workers and carers. These workshops are like mini away days and are designed to boost wellbeing and happiness by providing moments of pause needed to exhale and inhale, so as to continue with the excellent support work in a safe, beautiful and warm space.


Thanks to those who support our Crowdfunder, we are able to keep this project running.

Are you a Support Worker (Teaching Assistant, Carer, Nursing Assistant, etc)? Would you like to be one of the 10 who get to enjoy this opportunity? Then, please apply - here 

To pay it forward or support our Crowdfunder so as to keep this project going, please visit this ​link - Crowdfunder

Please note: This is not a course.

Social Inclusion Workshops
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