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Be Our Superhero?​

An SVH Superhero is an organisation or individual that adopts us as their chosen Not-For-Profit, supporting us or one of our projects through volunteering, fundraising or donations.

Projects We Need Superheroes For

Health Workers Away Day Project
MHFA for BAME members
Social Inclusion Workshop
Verge of BurnOut Project

Support Us

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It’s the little things . . . It’s the big things and every thing in between that makes and breaks us.

They say that when a major life event happens, it creates a tsunami effect that affects everyone. We have experienced first hand some of the horrible ripple effects of work related stress and anxiety on physical health, a family, and work. Stephen's heart attack in 2017 spurred us into creating SVH Inc. CIC, to stop others from experiencing any form of work induced trauma in whatever form it reveals itself. 

Deloitte UK 2022 Mental Heath Report paints a stark picture of the reality of mental health and wellbeing support in the workplace during and after the UK Lockdowns leading to employee turnover.

Workplace stress can result in burnout for employees, as well as deterioration in work quality and productivity. With the rising cost of living, people stepping away from work as a result of work induced stress and anxiety will have a volcanic impact on our economy. 


What can we do to stem the tsunami impact of unsupported mental health and wellbeing in workplaces which cost employers £53b - £56b annually?

We are offering a simple solution, one that helps you demonstrate your Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Value, while increasing productivity, reducing poverty and poor mental health around Yorkshire by inviting you to be an SVH Superhero. 

Being A Corporate Superhero
  1. Your organisation would agree to a standing order donation of at least £50 every month to support one of our projects OR a monthly donation of skills and expertise like legal advice, marketing, coaching, IT or any service or product that has a synergy with us.

  2. ​Your company would undertake voluntary fundraising activities on our behalf in the form of coffee mornings, various challenges to raise sponsorship.  Your company may wish to match the fund raised to support your peoples' efforts.

Being An Individual Superhero

Being our Superhero as an individual is easy. You can: 


  • Make a one-off donation to support our projects

  • Organise a fundraiser on our behalf.


  • Choose us as your Co-op local cause. See link to see how.

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Other Ways To Be Our Superhero 

  • Volunteer your time and expertise to help us in our mission to foster wellbeing and happiness at work for example; digital media, coaches, and counsellors. 


Superhero Benefits 

Corporate Superheroes will receive:

  • 20% discount on Away Day experiences for your teams / people

  • 20% discount on speaking engagements for your events

  • 20% discount for in-house training and workshops (online or in a physical space) for your leaders / managers / employees on all our training and workshops including Mental Health First Aid courses.

  • Positive brand recognition and PR for your company through logo placement on our website, social media posts and Newsletters, increasing your organisation's social value by highlighting your commitment to corporate social responsibility. 


Sustainable Strong Vibrant Happy & Incorporated communities.

A world where people have opportunities to fill their cups, even as they fill that of others, so no one gets empty.


To foster employee wellbeing through away day experiences and mental health training for employees and managers. 

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