Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide consultation services?

Yes. From the period of 3 months upwards. We are flexible enough to work with our clients.

Who decides on what destination partner to go to?

Depending on the event or experience, it is largely decided by the client.

Does SVH Inc. specialise in any particular sector or industry?

No we do not. We work with any organisation that has teams of more than 3, regardless of the sector or industry.

What is CPD accreditation and why is it important?

CPD is an acronym for Continuous Professional Development. Our courses are CPD accredited by the CPD Service meaning that attendees can use the certificate recieved as proof of commitment to learning and skill acquistion. Also, some professional bodies require employers and employees to meet a certain amount of CPD qualifications CPD accreditaion is essential for effective Learning and Development.

Does SVH Inc. provide Mental Health First Aid Training?

Yes. We offer an immersive, wellbeing infused Mental Health First Aid and Holistic Wellbeing Training that combines a Diversity training equipping delegates with tools to support theirs and their people's mental health and wellbeing in an inclusive way.

Does SVH Inc. use an evidence based approach?

Yes. Our services are evidence based and backed by science.