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SVH Inc. CIC: 2023 Impact Report

Introduction: A Year of Blooming

2023 was a monumental year for SVH Inc. CIC, epitomising our theme for the year - "Blooming". We not only grew in impact and visibility but also deepened our commitment to wellbeing, community betterment, and sustainability.

Key Highlights and Achievements:

Our first collaborative “Time To Talk” event on 2 February with Co-op and Dancing for Wellbeing.

2. Social Inclusion for Support Workers Project:

  • Successfully launched following a crowdfunding campaign, surpassing our target by 110% with Co-op's match funding. The project was delivered on 18 March 2023, marking a significant step towards social inclusion.

3. The Other Side of Service - Mental Health First Aid Champion Training:

  • Funded by The National Lottery, we trained 40 professionals in the service industry, enhancing their mental health support capabilities. (Read about the project 👉🏾 here)

4. Extensive Mental Health First Aid Training:

  • Conducted 30 training sessions, empowering 170 individuals with essential mental health skills.

5. Diverse Speaking Engagements:

  • Delivered 10 speaking engagements, including events at Huddersfield Giants Women In Business and the University of Bradford.

6. Expanded Social Impact:

  • Our Founder / CEO has been collaborating with NatWest as part of their Entrepreneur Forum, contributing insights to how NatWest interacts, serves and develops policies that support entrepreneurs from minority groups.

  • Our Founder / CEO; Valentina Hynes was invited by University of York to contribute to an educational series on entrepreneurship tips for young people.

7. Leadership Workshops on Wellbeing:

  • Successfully held 4 workshops, focusing on happiness and wellbeing in the workplace.

8. Local Collaborations for Community Engagement:

9. Empowering Teachers with Youth Mental Health First Aid training:

  • We teamed up with two other Youth Mental Health First Aid instructors to deliver 2 FREE - SVH Inc. Funded Youth Mental Health First Aid training to 16 teachers from Co-op Academy and North Star Academy.

10. Great Big Green Week Event:

  • Featured in the Harrogate Advertiser and attended by MP Andrew Jones, highlighting our commitment to environmental sustainability. We collaborated with Co-op, Dancing for Wellbeing and Bilton Dragon Bowling Club for this impactful day. (Read the media coverage 👉🏾 here)

11. Digital and In-Person Wellbeing Conversations:

  • Hosted 30 wellbeing conversation workshops on LinkedIn and 15 in person, enhancing community wellbeing dialogue.

12. Co-op Local Community Cause Project:

  • We commenced this project with Harrogate High School being the first recipient.

13. Recognition and Media Spotlight:

  • Our Founder and CEO was honoured as the Yorkshire Choice Awards Business Woman of The Year, 2023.

  • Featured on ITV for Black History Month, celebrating significant community contributions. (See the video 👉🏾 here )

14. Employee Wellbeing Support Programme:

  • Launched a retainer programme to provide ongoing support for employee wellbeing.

15. Environmental Contributions:

  • Planted 150 trees and avoided 3.5tCO2 emissions, demonstrating our commitment to environmental stewardship. (See the report here)

Conclusion: A Year of Impactful Growth

In 2023, SVH Inc. CIC has not only bloomed in its endeavours but has also sown seeds for future growth and community wellbeing. Our achievements reflect our unwavering dedication to fostering Strong, Vibrant, Happy, and Incorporated communities. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for supporting us. We look forward to continuing this journey, enriching lives, communities and environments alike.

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