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Mental Health First Aid Resources

Congratulations on completing your Mental Health First Aid training with SVH Inc. CIC. We understand the importance of mental health in the workplace, and we are proud to have you join us in this important work. As a newly trained Mental Health First Aider, you have an important role to play in supporting your colleagues and promoting mental wellness in your workplace. Here are some resources to help you in your new role.


A useful website to help you in encouraging Appropriate Professional Help is Hub Of Hope

A useful plugin to help you in intercepting online suicide search in the workplace or home is from Ripple Suicide Prevention. 

Do also keep an eye on our blog for useful information, tips and insight into putting what you've learnt in practice. 

Creating a Positive Workplace with SVH Inc. CIC.

Take advantage of SVH Inc. CIC's workplace wellbeing solutions to ensure you and your colleagues receive the necessary support. Our rolling programme provides tailored solutions to help you optimise your people's mental health and wellbeing. Whether it's through our workshops, consultations, or training sessions, we have the tools to help you succeed.

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