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How To Champion Mental Health As A Universal Human Right

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Mental Health whether good or bad creates ripple effects that affect happiness, wellbeing, engagement, productivity and physical health.

At SVH Inc CIC, we understand the profound significance of mental health in today’s world. We want to shed light on the importance of Mental Health and how SVH Inc CIC supports organisations and their employees in fostering mental well-being.

World Mental Health Day: A Brief History

World Mental Health Day is annually observed on the 10th of October. Its roots trace back to 1992 when the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH), a global mental health organisation with a presence in over 150 countries, initiated it. The day’s fundamental purpose is to raise awareness about mental health issues, promote mental health advocacy, and rally efforts to support mental wellbeing on a global scale.

The 2023 Theme: ‘Mental Health is a Universal Human Right’

Each year, World Mental Health Day focuses on a specific theme, leading to extensive discussions and initiatives centred around it. In 2023, the theme is ‘Mental health is a universal human right.’ This theme emphasises the essential fact that mental health is not a privilege but a fundamental right, so should be accessible, supported and respected for every individual, regardless of their background, age or circumstances.

Men And Mental Health:

- 3 times as many men as women die by suicide.

- Men aged 40 to 54 face the highest suicide rates in the UK.

- Men report lower life satisfaction levels than women.

- Men are less likely to seek psychological therapies.

- Only 36% of NHS talking therapy referrals are for men.

- Men are more likely to face homelessness.

- Dependence on alcohol and frequent drug use affect men disproportionately.

SVH Inc CIC: Our Commitment to Mental Health

At SVH Inc CIC, we are passionate about promoting mental health and well-being in organisations and communities. We understand that a thriving workplace is one where employees are mentally healthy, engaged, and empowered. Here’s how we support organisations and their employees in nurturing mental well-being:

1. Mental Health Workshops and Training

We offer comprehensive mental health workshops and training programmes tailored to the unique needs of organisations. These workshops equip employees and leaders with the knowledge and tools to understand, recognise, and support mental health in the workplace. By investing in the mental wellbeing of your team, you create a more productive and compassionate work environment.

2. Employee Assistance Support

Our Employee Assistance Support provide confidential, connection and empowering support to employees helping alleviate personal or work-related challenges that impact their mental health and engagement at work. This support offer access to coaching, conversation cafes, holistic therapy, leadership development, communication effectiveness and team building opportunities, ensuring that mental health and wellbeing support is firmly entrenched in your organisation culture.

3. Mental Health Resources and Advocacy

SVH Inc CIC is dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health. We encourage open conversations about mental well-being within organisations. Our resources and advocacy initiatives promote understanding and acceptance, fostering inclusive workplaces and communities where everyone feels valued.

4. Community Engagement

We believe that supporting mental health extends beyond the workplace. SVH Inc CIC engages with local communities to spread awareness and provide resources for mental health support. Creating a 360 loop that feeds back to the organisation management/leadership, employees, the local community and the brand. Our commitment to mental wellbeing transcends corporate boundaries and extends to the communities we serve.

How You Can Support Mental Health At Work and Communities

Man in formal attire taking a deep breath outside as a way to balance his wellbeing

There are numerous ways you can participate and make a difference:

  • Start a Conversation: Initiate discussions about mental health with your colleagues, friends, and family. Encourage open dialogue to reduce stigma. #StartTheConversation

  • Promote Outdoor Breaks: Tea break cultures differ from organisation to organisation. While smokers may feel free to head outside for a smoke, non-smokers may find it challenging to simply head outside for a breath of fresh air. Fresh air is essential for grounding and refreshing us, so encourage your people to step outside often during the day by leading by example and letting them know it's okay to do so. 5 minutes outside has the following benefits: Physical exercise, Mind clearing moment, connection #MentalClarity #Wellbeing

  • Attend Mental Health Workshops: Seek out workshops or webinars in your community focused on mental health awareness and well-being. Education is a powerful tool. Invite wellbeing / mental health speakers and facilitators to come share their knowledge with your staff #MentalHealthWorkshops

  • Share Resources: Use your platform to share mental health resources, articles, and helpline information. Knowledge is a vital step towards breaking the stigma. #ShareResources

  • Support Mental Health Organisations: Consider donating your time or resources to organisations like SVH Inc CIC that are dedicated to mental health advocacy and support. #SupportMentalHealth

  • Practice Self-Care: Prioritise your own mental wellbeing through self-care activities such as mindfulness, exercise, or journaling. You can’t pour from an empty cup. #SelfCare

  • Get Mental Health First Aid training #MHFA

  • Advocate for Mental Health: Raise your voice in support of policies and funding that enhance mental health services and accessibility to treatment. Your advocacy can bring about change. #AdvocateForMentalHealth

  • Join a Support Group: If you or someone you know is navigating mental health challenges, consider joining a support group. Connection and understanding can make a world of difference. #SupportGroups #MentalHealthSupport

In conclusion, Awareness days and months like World Mental Health Day and Movember serve as a powerful reminder of our collective responsibility to champion mental health as a universal human right. At SVH Inc. CIC, we are committed to supporting organisations and individuals in this journey towards a mentally healthy world. By taking action, engaging in dialogue, and promoting awareness, we can create workplaces and communities where mental health thrives, and every individual is empowered to live their best life.

Let’s work together to make mental health a reality for all.

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